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Crypto Giants Outranked on Google Page 1 (Maxkhalus Blog)

These keywords made +2000 searches/mo at the time of publishing. Within 4 months, my article ranked on top of Google’s 1st page since 2022— where the only competition is giants like Opensea and Immutable X (IMX).

David vs Goliath(s)

This Web3 article still brings loads of ORGANIC traffic every month… and all it took was 4h of work done years ago.

So how do you rank your new website in the competitive crypto SERPs?


Look, the Gary Vee approach isn’t that simple (or at least the best).

Unless you want to burn dollars and years on web3 content creation…

Strategy beats big numbers.

My strategy? High-value content:
– Evergreen topics that always matter
– Link in and out + Lots of images
– Answer ALL questions imaginable + add long-tail keywords
– Model competitors for the quality baseline. Then outwork them (or else it’s not high-value)

Do this for the best chance to rank on Google Page 1. Once you do it once, you can exploit that system over and over.

So if you want more results like these, message me.