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Investor Test Invented for Southest Asia’s Favorite Exchange

Southeast Asia’s favorite crypto exchange hired me to invent the ’16Personalities’ of investing.

This lengthy project involved heavy research and mathematics to understand investor psychology.

The outcome? The simplified 4 Investor Personalities test.

Meaning that after you answer a dozen prompts…

The test tells you everything you already suspected about yourself, like…

Which trading style works best for you…

What strengths to exploit, what blindspots you overlook…

And most importantly…

What coins to buy.

Bad news is, you can’t get it anymore.

It was only a lead magnet to bring in the very first users.

Fast forward to 2023, this exchange now receives 1000s of orders from active traders.

Over a million app downloads.

That’s the power of building your email list early.

Especially with a great opt-in page.

Not an ebook or free “consultation,” but a unique freebie like this one.

Supported by the right WEB3 SEO content. e.g., a blog series for “Top 5 [Competitor] Alternatives”

If any of that is what you need, message me.