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How To Avoid Painfully Slow Crypto Transaction Speeds?

While it’s worldwide available and secure, blockchain is rarely efficient. Bitcoin and major early blockchains often have the most outdated payment processors. It takes anywhere from minutes to days to complete transactions, and it only gets worse as more people join the blockchain.

Knowing how volatile crypto markets are, transaction speed is essential to secure your coins. Low speed can ruin even the smartest trading strategy. Many decentralized applications (dApps) wouldn’t work without light-speed transactions, either because of network fees or because smart contracts require them.

Transaction speed alone can make trading profitable regardless of your cryptocurrency or market trend. High-frequency traders and arbitrage bots have small opportunity windows to profit from market inefficiencies. How many times they can repeat a good trade depends on speed.

These speed-up fees can often save your portfolio from a bigger loss. While not always worth it, the many factors outside your control make it a necessary option.

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