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Uniswap V3: The Definitive Guide

Uniswap v3 ranks among the top decentralized exchange (DEX) platforms— if not the best— on Ethereum. In just four years, it has achieved a trading volume above one trillion, $5B to $10B of total-value-locked (TVL), and 100K+ monthly users. All while offering the lowest possible fees for ERC-20 tokens.

This protocol is no longer a secret. By the time the new tokens appear in your centralized exchange, several early investors have bought them on UniSwap v3. As a decentralized exchange, it’s the fastest (and oftentimes cheapest) way to buy crypto.

By now, you might have heard of dozens of swap platforms. The first DEXs date back to 2013. So what makes UniSwap v3 so successful? And does that mean you should trade on DEXs instead of centralized exchanges?

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