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Codyfight: The First P2E Coding Game For Casual Players

Play-to-earn gaming is here to stay. And now that NFTs have taken over the world, it’s becoming a reality. Projects like Axie infinity have taught us what blockchain can do to a 180 billion-dollar market.

And that’s just the Tetris of crypto gaming. Play to earn brings new opportunities for artists, developers, and games (casual and professional) on bigger games to come (think WOW, GTA, Mass Effect). What would it look like if tournaments like Esports joined the trend?

You don’t need to imagine. Codyfight is about to become the bridge to competitive gaming and the NFT metaverse.

Codyfight: The First AI VS Human P2E

Codyfight is a multiplayer coding game based on turn-based strategies. Players can code AI robots to play one-on-one against machines and other players. You earn CTokens (CTOK, game currency) from winning games, which you use to buy NFTs, get arena tickets (CTickets), or trade for other cryptos.

Making Games Fair & Fun

Codyfight’s bold mission is to make play-to-earn accessible to everyone. Their vision is to have at least 40% of their players making decent money. Sure, talent gets better rewarded, but everybody can have fun playing (& earning).

No coding skill? No problem. You can still play it yourself with the keyboard.

Know how to code? Great. All programming languages are supported.

Experienced in turn-based strategy? Doesn’t matter. There’s skill-based matchmaking, so even noobs can win 3 out of 5 games, ~780 USDC per month.

$15K if you’re a pro.

Gameplay Overview

Codyfight is a robot strategy game. You start with a robot, which you can either script or control yourself (AI robot or manual robot). To “forge” a robot, you need a skin NFT and a CKey (more on this later).

If you have CTickets, you can start the matchmaking.

When the game starts, you appear in an interactive tilemap. There are 1–2 exits, one opponent, and a few “special agents.” To win the game, you have to collect the most points in 25 moves and ten rounds.

But rather than collecting stuff, you gain points from (a) taking the exit gate or (b) caging agents, so they can’t move. Agents spawn semi-randomly, and each one is different (e.g., caging the “Llama” agent increases your CTOK reward. By doing so, however, you risk losing).

Winners earn currency, so they can keep playing, buy skins, or trade crypto.

The second gameplay “mode” is coding. You script your bot to get you consistent winning rates and earn passive income. You might also rent your AI bot to others.

The Play-To-Earn Ecosystem

The gameplay looks innovative, but how does it work as a business model?

Codyfight is community-based. It means they make the most money when everybody does. And while they may adapt later, here’s what the ecosystem looks like:

The Income Model

Codyfight breaks down into the arena, marketplace, and users (sellers, buyers, developers).

Gamers join the arena by using CTickets and the CKey (permanent and given on registration). Winners earn CTOK to buy more tickets, NFT skins, and CKey subscriptions (to run AI bots simultaneously). To win more often, you spend CTOK on repairing bots and getting better ones.

Artists can design NFT skins and get commissions every time they trade.

As for developers, they earn from every match (11.25%), CTickets and CKeys (issued by them), and marketplace trades.

Players could earn $25–$500 per day based on skill. And with just 10K active users, Codyfight makes $100K per day.

Codyfight: The Launch

By the end of 2021, Codyfight will launch the CTOK token (IDO) and offer demo access for testers. By February-March, we get the alpha release of the MVP (along with preorders for NFT skins).

In the next nine months, Codyfight will add basic features: wallets, skin design marketplace, in-game currency, and graphic improvements (from 2D to isometric). And by the end of next year, the game launches its beta version, so players can start earning, trading, and competing.

For community engagements, Codyfight will constantly update on NFT skins, maps, and game modes.

Not only will their NFTs have demand potential. But those who get them will not want to sell. Because of everything Codyfight has to offer.

About Codyfight

Codyfight is a multiplayer play-to-earn coding game created in a blockchain metaverse. Players can program AI bots and plan their turn-based strategy in a 2D tilemap. Its vision is to make P2E gaming fun and accessible to everyone, not just pro players.

To achieve this, Codyfight supports fair reward systems and skill-based matchmaking.

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